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Amos is the founder and head instructor of Ranges Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. With 25 years of Martial Arts Training under his belt he has the commitment and experience to ensure you get the most out of every lesson.

Amos' wide breadth of experience extends from training with the Tokyo Riot Police to The Gracie family, Rener and Ryron, in California.

This invaluable breadth of knowledge ensures he has the ability to teach you the most relevant and up to date Martial Arts knowledge from around the globe.

In 2007 Amos made the choice to train Jiu-Jitsu exclusively because of the great capacity he recognised in it to make a change in the life of every person, and because of the improvements it has made in his own life. Amos currently holds the rank of Brown Belt and is an active participant in the Australia Jiu-Jitsu Community .


Amos also holds the following accreditations:

Instructor qualifications 



First Aid certificate.   



Working with children certificate. 



National Police check certificate. 



Marital Art Australia industry accredited 


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